Why Tasilu?

Grassroots powered and community based, Tasilu matches refugee families with top-notch tutors. Not just a tutoring service, we pride ourselves on building friendships as well as English skills.   Just a little of what makes us special:

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The power is in your hands

We match you with a selection of qualified tutors, based on skills, availability, experience, and your personal preferences. You pick the match that's right for you. No assignments, no placements - the choice lies with you. 


Our tutors are competent and passionate

They come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them a talent for teaching and a passion for community development. We screen for academic excellence, work experience, and personal reliability. Our tutors are enthusiastic about their work; check out their testimonials below: 

"Together, [my students and I] have explored the differences in our cultural backgrounds, worked through challenging class assignments, and navigated language barriers that hinder understanding within the classroom...It has been a truly rewarding experience." -- Sarah
"Working with [my tutee] has been one of the best parts of Michaelmas, and reminds me of our connections to the Oxford community and makes this cloudy little town feel more like a home." -- Laura
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by the community, For the community

Founded by local refugees and Oxford University students, Tasilu is at heart a local, community-based organization. We have seen first hand the challenges that face new arrivals to the UK, and experienced the energy of Oxford students who care about refugees. We saw an obvious gap, and an even more obvious solution: a platform that allows families in need to find students eager to help. To read more about our journey, click 'Our Story.'